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Camera Box Manufacturers Have Seen a Lot of Material Matching Problems
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Camera Box Manufacturers Have Seen a Lot of Material Matching Problems

Speaking of the electronic box design, the packaging plants have seen a lot of inappropriate designs. In fact, it can't be entirely blamed on the designers of the clients.

Take the camera box plants as an example. The designers of the packaging plants are not as professional as those of the camera box manufacturers, not in terms of design, but in industrial technology. When it comes to the industry of beauty, maybe many designers of the clients are several times more specialized than those of the box packaging suppliers and plants. Such being the case, what kind of design problems have gave the camera box manufacturers such headaches?

It seems that the combination of the material and tissue paper is quite like that of apple and orange, but actually it is not. The 99% of the improper combinations the camera box manufacturers have seen are caused by the combination of the following two things.

Black cardboard with gray background. The material is very popular among camera box manufacturers and sellers because of its low price and moderate quality. In addition to the barely satisfactory appearance, almost no shortcomings exist. Maybe some of the exquisite packaging boxes you often see are this kind of unseemly black cardboard with gray background under the tissue paper. Sellers usually use various kinds of tissue paper to cover the surface of the material, and then cover the bottom of the inner box with package. In this way, both the cost is low and the quality is good. If the selected tissue paper is good enough, it can be regarded as a good-looking packaging box.

Double copper paper is a kind of paper with both sides very smooth. The advantages of the paper are the same as those of black cardboard with gray background, which include low price and rapid circulation. Many camera box manufacturers will store a lot of both sides coated art paper, because when it refers to mounting paper, it is a very excellent candidate no matter it's used for tag or the box customization. However, both sides coated art paper also features one defect, that is, too flimsy. Therefore, as long as it is light color printing, no matter how printed, the whole packaging box printing is very difficult to cover up the ugly black of the whole material that it would affect the appearance of the whole box.

Most of the time, the designers who don't know much about the packaging industry think that the combination of the two is both cheap and quality-guaranteed, but in fact it is the opposite. The camera box manufacturers have seen too many cases like this. Therefore, when you choose the black cardboard with gray background and both sides coated art paper, try to print dark color rather than light color. Furthermore, deep color is not undoubtedly able to completely cover up the color of the interior materials, so if it is true, try to simply change another kind of tissue paper.