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Classification of Food Packaging Materials
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Classification of Food Packaging Materials

In order to ensure the edible health and safety of customers, what materials are used in food packaging?


The answer is paper packaging. The paper materials used for food packaging can be divided into five types: ordinary packaging paper, special packaging paper, trademark packaging paper, oil-proof packaging paper and moisture-proof packaging paper. Ordinary packaging paper is resilient, and can be used for general packaging, such as craft paper, and machine glazed paper;

Special packaging paper is named according to its use, and its properties are different, for example, fruit packaging paper is thin and soft;

Light resistant protective paper is black and opaque;

Trademark packaging paper is used for packaging after being printed, such as candy packaging paper;

Oil proof packaging paper can prevent grease penetration, such as vegetable parchment and butter paper, while moisture-proof packaging paper features moisture-proof property, such as asphalt paper, and aluminum foil paper.

Four pillars of modern packaging materials - paper, plastic, metal and glass. Among them, paper products are growing fastest. Paper and plastics are the cheapest, and their raw materials are from a wide range of sources. Besides, they are not as fragile as glass, nor as heavy as metal, and easy to carry. Therefore, paper and plastic packaging is widely used in daily life. According to the World Health Organization and environmental protection experts, the plastic waste may cause white pollution, which is harmful to environmental protection. Such being the case, plastic food packaging should be banned gradually, and eco-friendly paper packaging must be used. In this vein, consumers will use non-toxic and harmless "eco-friendly all-paper bags" in future shopping. The quality paper packaging will in great demand in the future.


Paper packaging materials are not only rich in resources, easy to recycle, but also easy to degrade. After the paper products are decomposed, they can not only be recycled to make plant fertilizer, but also reduce air pollution and purify the environment. Using LCA (lifeCycleAssmcnt) technology for quantitative evaluation, it can be concluded that paper packaging is one of the most promising green packaging materials compared with other three kinds of packaging materials, such as plastic, metal and glass.