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Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Attracts Attention and Promotes Consumption
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Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Attracts Attention and Promotes Consumption

Green, eco-friendly and sustainable development have become the theme of fashion industry, which considers not only the requirement of current development, but also the prospects of future development; we should not sacrifice the interests of future generations to exchange for economic development and meet the interests.


Currently, skin care is expected to become the largest market segment of cosmetics packaging market. With the improvement of understanding of natural cosmetics, consumers also demand "eco-friendly" packaging for products. In order to embody the concept of natural and harmless products, businesses also tend to use eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. Recently, the ideas of "natural and organic" and "clean and good for skin" are gaining momentum, which further promote the growth of demand for this market segment. Many world-known brands attach great importance to the sustainable development of enterprises to protect the earth.


The raw materials of Lihua Group come from seeds, which gives the public a sense of naturalness and environmental protection. The enterprise adheres to the sustainable development concept for eco friendly cosmetic packaging. It not only uses glass containers that are easy to recycle, but also uses recycled plastics for some products to avoid over packaging, aiming to reduce the pressure on the natural environment. Packaging boxes, brochures, shopping bags are also made of FSC certification paper, using vegetable soybean oil ink for printing.