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Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Made of Bacteria
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Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Made of Bacteria

Considering the environmental protection, more and more cosmetic designers have designed eco-friendly cosmetic packaging to replace disposable plastics.


Elena Amato, a designer from Guatemala, created eco friendly cosmetic packaging made of a cellulose sheet by using bacteria, a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging used in personal care products.


This kind of cellulose sheet is a symbiont of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY), which can be expanded on a flat and smooth surface and dried to become packaging paper.


In addition, the dried cellulose sheets can be bonded together after adding water, so no glue or other adhesives are needed.


If you want other colors, you can add natural pigments such as spirulina, hibiscus, saffron or charcoal into the mixture to get different colors. Apart from that, Amato has designed containers for personal care products, which are made of solid natural soap, eco-friendly and sustainable. When customers have finished using personal care products, these containers can also be used as soap to make full use of them.