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Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging will Help Brands Set up New Climate
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Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging will Help Brands Set up New Climate

In recent years, with the increasingly prominent problems of environmental pollution, all walks of life have never stopped discussing the topic of environmental protection and sustainability of product packaging. Data show that the global beauty industry needs to produce 120 billion pieces of packaging every year to meet the demand of consumers, which means that about 109 million mu of forest would be cut down. Cosmetic packaging usually features non-renewable materials, which is easy to cause material waste and air pollution. Most of the cosmetic packaging materials have not been effectively recycled, and the waste degradation potential of the environment has long been loaded.


With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, more and more brands have taken sustainability and eco-friendly cosmetic packaging as new topics for D&R. As the latest innovative product, sustainability and eco friendly cosmetic packaging have been widely concerned and won many awards in the Beauty Fair 2019 in Italian.


As far as consumers are concerned, product packaging is the first impression of cosmetics to them. Nowadays, as the environmental pollution has been more and more serious, whether the product packaging is eco-friendly and can be used to the maximum extent has become a factor to improve the brand reputation and the consumers' good impression on the brand. It has become common topics in the cosmetics industry about recycling of cosmetic packaging, use of lipsticks to the last drop of material, opposition of pollution, support to eco-friendly cosmetic packaging and so on.


With the enhancement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection and the continuing spreading of the value consumption concept, more and more cosmetics brands have developed and launched sustainable and eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. Eco-friendly packaging for the brand is killing two birds with one stone. Because it not only makes contribution to the environmental protection, but also appears to a large number of consumers who attach importance to environmental protection.