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Future Development and Trend of International Paper Packaging Industry (II)
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Future Development and Trend of International Paper Packaging Industry (II)

3. Industrialization of new nano material packaging

The latest nanotechnology with industrial application prospects in paper packaging products includes: new nano plastic materials, green and eco-friendly colored nano films, nanocomposite polymer fresh-keeping films, new nanocomposite anti-counterfeiting discolored films and heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting technology, modified polyester nano PET containers, polymer nanocomposites, antibacterial nano coating (nano organic , inorganic antibacterial, sterile packaging), application of nano materials in temperature sensitivity, gas sensitivity and humidity sensitivity, nano and nano pigments (transparent nano scale iron oxide), nano magnetic printing, nano paper and binary nano interface packaging materials, etc.

4. The trend of micro-corrugated cardboard

In recent years, with the deepening research on the miniaturization of corrugated paperboard, a kind of micro corrugated board material used to replace thick board, is becoming more and more popular in the international paper packaging products market, especially in Europe, among which the three-layer corrugated cardboard mainly composed of F-shaped and G-shaped corrugated board is gaining the most fierce momentum. With the development and use of this kind of micro corrugated cardboard, its role in commodity sales and display has been further strengthened on the basis of ensuring the traditional products protection and storage function of corrugated cardboard. The production of micro corrugated machinery does not need any change of the original corrugated equipment. At present, fine corrugated cardboard and fine-fine cardboard have largely replaced the original packaging cartons and paper packaging box used for tobacco, wine, food, household goods, medicine, computers, clothing, cosmetics, detergents and other products.

With the advantages of low price, firm and flat, light and thin materials, micro corrugated cardboard containers have begun to occupy the market at home and abroad rapidly, with an annual growth rate of more than 8% in China. The price of fine-fine corrugated cardboard is relatively low, and its cost is reduced by about 30% under the same use demand; the fine corrugated cardboard is firm, flat, beautiful, with good printing performance, saving about 30% of base paper. Carton processing machine and roller die-cutting machine do not need to be replaced, and they can be processed on the latest roller die-cutting machine with vacuum conveying equipment, and even on the lithography die-cutting machine.