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Future Development and Trend of International Paper Packaging Industry (III)
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Future Development and Trend of International Paper Packaging Industry (III)

5. Greenization of packaging materials

With the rising awareness of environmental protection, the global economic and industrial system is rising with the packaging revolution as the guide of the "zero packaging", that is, "green packaging" concept, and put it into practice. Green products and green paper packaging products will become hot spots.

Green packaging is a kind of high-tech packaging. From the raw materials, to the design and manufacture of packaging, and to the use and recycling of products, every link should be resource-saving, efficient and harmless. Ecological packaging materials have attracted widespread attention of the world, and the research on it should consider many factors from the whole process of development, design, production, use, waste and so on. In addition, paper packaging design focuses on the development of high-end paper packaging with light weight, high strength and light weight, so as to achieve the goals of standardization, serialization, multi-variety, multi-substrate and multi-purpose.

6. Implementation of recycling economy

Recycling economy is a kind of economic growth mode which takes the efficient utilization of resources as the core, takes small consumption, low emission and high efficiency as the basic characteristics, and conforms to the idea of sustainable development. It is a fundamental revolution of the traditional resource-based economic growth mode of "mass production, large consumption and large amount of waste".

Since the concept of recycling economy was put forward in the United States in 1960s, it has been attached great importance by the developed countries. Germany and Japan successively formulated the Recycling Economy Laws at the end of the 20th century to promote the recycling economy by legal system. The international community has listed recycling economy and knowledge economy as two major trends for world economic development.