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How Packaging Design Attracts Consumers with Visual Impact
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How Packaging Design Attracts Consumers with Visual Impact

To create a unique style and individuality in packaging design, graphics are a very important expression. It plays a role as a salesman and conveys the contents of the package to consumers by visual effect. It has a strong visual impact. Can attract the attention of consumers, thereby creating a desire to buy.

First, The factors that determine the packaging graphics

1. The packaging graphics and packaging contents are closely related.

Packaging graphics can be summarized into three types: figurative graphics, semi-figurative graphics and abstract graphics, which are closely related to the contents of the package, so as to fully convey the characteristics of the product, otherwise it will not have any meaning and cannot be reminiscent of As for anything, one cannot expect what effect it will have, and that will be the biggest failure of the package designer. In general, if the product is more physiological, such as eating or drinking, it will focus more on the use of figurative graphics; if the product is more psychological, most of them use abstract or semi-figurative graphics.

2. The packaging graphics are related to the age, gender and education level of the object

Packaging graphics are related to the object of appeal, especially when they are under 30 years old. When designing the product packaging graphics, we should grasp it well so that the designed packaging graphics can be recognized by the object of appeal, so as to achieve the purpose of demand.

a, age group

Under 12 years old: This age group is a child, and tends to be subjectively conscious of recognizing and expressing pictures. For example, they are extremely fond of cartoon-like characters, semi-figurative graphics, and those with dynamic and amusing graphics, which are consistent with children's purely naive psychological characteristics.

13-19 years old: This age group is the stage of puberty development. They are full of fantasy and imitation. They like idol, fantasy and more style-packaging graphics.

20-29 years old: The physical development of young people after the age of 20 has matured. The gender differences are also particularly significant. Attention has been paid to the sense of value and authority, and most of them are in the employment stage and have strong judgment. They are acceptable for packaging graphics of different expressions, but still have a fresh sense of abstract graphics.

30-49 years old: Most people in this age group have already established a family and established a business. Due to the influence of life, occupation, economy, society and other factors, the thinking is more realistic and has a strong positioning concept. They like rational realism and mostly prefer figurative graphics. .

b. Gender factors

Men like to take risks and have the ambition to conquer others; women like to be demure and stable. Therefore, in the form of packaging graphics, men prefer the form of explanatory, sci-fi, and new vision. And women are more inclined to emotional needs, like figurative and beautiful expressions, as well as physical and psychological factors, which should also be considered.

C. Educational background

In the course of learning, education has changed people's concepts and temperament, and it has also changed the judgment standard of knowledge. Due to different levels of education, there are great differences in the preferences of packaging expressions. People with higher educational backgrounds are more likely to accept abstract graphics; those with less education prefer to choose realistic and concrete graphics that are easy to distinguish.

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Second, the representation of packaging graphics

In packaging design, there are mainly the following forms of packaging graphics, which should be used flexibly in packaging design.

1. Product reproduction

Product reproduction can enable consumers to directly understand the contents of the package in order to produce visual impact and demand effects, usually using figurative graphics or realistic photographic graphics. For example, food packaging, in order to reflect the delicious taste of food, often print photos of food on the product packaging, in order to deepen the consumer's vivid impression and produce a desire to buy.

2. Lenovo

"Touching the scenes and feelings" refers to similar life experiences and thoughts and feelings evoked by things. It uses feelings as an intermediary, and from this thing to other things, from the appearance of one thing to the appearance of another thing. Under normal circumstances, mainly from the product's shape and characteristics, the product's effect characteristics after use, the product's stillness and use status, the product's composition and packaged ingredients, the product's source, the product's story and history, the characteristics of the origin and ethnic customs Design packaging graphics in other aspects to describe the connotation of the product, so that people can think of the contents of the package after seeing the graphics.

3. Symbol of the product

The excellent packaging design is pleasing and compelling, and people cannot help but want to buy it. This compelling factor is the symbolic effect emanating from the packaging. The role of the symbol is to imply that although the idea is not directly or specifically conveyed, the function of the suggestion is powerful, and sometimes exceeds the concrete expression. For example, in the packaging design of coffee, a steaming packaging graphic symbolizes the fragrant quality of coffee, and also symbolizes that young men and women are indispensable beverages in dating and dating to attract consumers.

4. Use brand or trademark to make graphics

Using brand or trademark to make product packaging graphics can highlight the brand and enhance the credibility of product quality. Many shopping bags and cigarette packaging designs mostly use this form of packaging graphics.

5. Product contrast

The so-called contrast is to highlight the opposite of things, so as to show the quilt and make the product image more vivid, strong and prominent.

6. How to use the product

Generally, consumers do not understand the characteristics of new products, which requires artificial methods to explain in various ways. But the best way is to work hard on the packaging, using packaging graphics to express the use of the product; in order to increase the persuasion of the product, and thus arouse consumer interest. For example, photos of the brewing process or usage methods are printed on the instant noodle packaging, so that consumers can understand the characteristics of the product in advance.

In packaging design, packaging graphics cannot be isolated individually, but should be closely cooperated with the overall layout, so that the overall visual design tends to be perfect, thereby establishing a unique style.

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Third, Design of export packaging

The appropriate packaging graphics should be selected according to the preferences and taboos of graphics in various countries in the world.

In export packaging, cases in which the packaging graphics violate the taboo of the importing country and cause the imported goods to be detained by the local customs or rejected by the local consumer have occurred. Therefore, it is important to understand the taboos of the importing countries on packaging graphics in the packaging design of exported products.

Different countries have different preferences and taboos for packaging graphics: Islamic countries banned the graphics of pigs, six-pointed stars, crosses, female bodies, and raised thumbs as packaging graphics, like pentagrams and crescent-shaped graphics; Japanese people think that lotus flowers Unlucky, fox cunning and greedy, and the sixteen-petal chrysanthemum pattern used on the Japanese royal crest is not suitable for packaging, they like the round shape and cherry blossom pattern; the British liken the goat to an unscrupulous man, regard the rooster Indecent objects, elephants are useless, annoying, can not be used as packaging graphics, but like shield and oak graphics; Singapore is famous for the country of lion city, like lion graphics; dog graphics for Thailand, Afghanistan, Taboo in Islamic countries in North Africa; the French consider walnuts to be unlucky and the spades graphic as a symbol of funeral; Nicaragua and South Koreans believe that triangles are unlucky and these cannot be used as packaging graphics; some people in Hong Kong regard chicken as a pronoun, Therefore, it is not suitable for bedding packaging graphics.


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