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How to Choose the Package Scheme of Environmental Protection Cosmetics?
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How to Choose the Package Scheme of Environmental Protection Cosmetics?

Today, almost every cosmetic brand is moving towards environmental protection and sustainability. For some cosmetic brands, their entire product line or products are based on sustainable and environmental protection. Regardless of your band size, your company can make large and small changes to create environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging.

1. Paper products

Many cartons are also recycled paper made from waste that people produced before. Instead of being discarded in landfills, recycled waste can be recycled and used in any paper packaging box, such as milk boxes, books, etc. This is a more sustainable option than using the original paper.

2. Reduction in over packaging

Reducing the use of packaging in product box design will make your product more sustainable. Although manufacturers of brands want to avoid unnecessary extra packaging materials, using too little packaging material can damage the integrity of cosmetics. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself: how many packaging materials can be used without sacrificing the product or its packaging quality?

3. Multi-purpose packaging

Multifunctional cosmetic packaging is an innovative and interesting way to make your products more sustainable. In addition, there are many different ways to make packaging multifunctional. For example, the cosmetic gift box is designed as a handicraft and storage box, so that consumers can reuse the packaging box after using cosmetics.

4. Procurement

The use of sustainable raw materials is an important factor in creating sustainable products. This may include the use of materials from within the country. When enterprises purchase products and materials in China, emission during transportation can be reduced. In addition, the use of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging materials is an effective way to create more environmentally friendly products.

It is not only beneficial to the environment but also can leave a positive impression on consumers. If your brand starts your next packaging design, you can also refer to the above methods to make your cosmetic packaging more environmentally friendly.