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How to Make a Satisfying Cosmetic Gift Packaging?
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How to Make a Satisfying Cosmetic Gift Packaging?

In this era of consumption upgrading, consumers have put forward higher and higher requirements for the appearance of products. How to make a satisfactory package? This is placed in front of the merchants a most headache problem, especially in terms of cosmetics and gift packaging. Cosmetics are mainly aimed at female customers, and women observe the details of products very carefully. Today, Lihua packaging manufacturers will tell you some points worth noting about the production of cosmetic gift boxes, so that customers and peers can conduct a reference research.

1. The paper on the outside of the cosmetic gift packaging must have a youthful flavor. The design to be printed should be a light color, not a dark color because generally, dark color will appear old-fashioned, which is the biggest taboo of many cosmetic buyers. A packaging with youthful flavor, for consumers, the products inside are also quite attractive, which virtually increases the sales of products.

2. Cosmetics gift packaging should choose a cardboard gift box with gray board as far as possible, so that the cosmetics gift packaging carries a high-grade atmosphere. Try not to choose a package made of 350 grams of cardboard. However, this is not absolute. If the budget is not enough, you can also choose the card box. This is usually used more in a single cosmetic package, and the high-grade cardboard gift box is generally selected for the suits.

3. Adopting flocking plastic or EVA flocking as lining materials as much as possible, try not to use foam and forging cloth. The forging cloth used in gift packaging of cosmetics has a great impact on the grade of products.