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How to Make Paper Packaging Products More Unique from Macroscopic and Microscopic Perspectives
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How to Make Paper Packaging Products More Unique from Macroscopic and Microscopic Perspectives

With the development of modern society, consumers have also experienced a long time of shopping baptism, and their sensory experience of consumption has become pickier. Therefore, in addition to the common bronzing and UV technology, whether there is any choice of design that can make the whole box captures the eyes of consumers during the cooperation between the business owner and the packaging boxes manufacturers has become a long-standing topic. Then how to make paper packaging products more unique? Is there really no way to solve it?

This needs to be elucidated from several aspects. From macroscopic perspective, how to customize unique quality paper packaging products is indeed an eternal topic. Because no matter what industry is it, as long as it needs paper packaging gift box customization to serve as a foil to the product specifications, it will always experience the ebb and flow and come full circle. It's an undeniable fact that bronzing and UV process are the most important technologies since the 21st Century. How to use these techniques well is a matter of care.

Then, from the macroscopic perspective, it is not entirely impossible to make some special industries, such as watch boxes and cosmetic boxes, more unique. How can we make the paper packaging products more unique?

For the small box, the common way is as follows: use a piece of paper strip of about 1-1.5cm width, which is connected from head to tail to form a sealed circle, and entangle it on the small box. This kind of paper strip shouldn’t be too wide or too narrow. Because if it is too narrow, it is easy to break for lack of resilience. If it is too wide, it may cover the logo, slogan and other important part of the small box, and thus it will backfire and give people a feeling that the product is very low-end. Therefore, paper circle with 1-1.5cm width conforms to the current aesthetic point of view, which can temporarily solve the problem of how to customize paper packaging products from a microscopic perspective.

However, we tend to prepare plan A and plan B for everything. Just one plan is always relatively too single and not diversified enough. Therefore, for the topic of how to make paper packaging products more unique, we can also make window design, which is also jargon in the packaging industry. Let's also take this box as an example. At present, among the watch boxes on the market, soft box production accounts for about 45%, while PU flip boxes account for about 30%, and the rest is occupied by the heaven and earth cover and drawer box. However, there are few boxes with windowing design on the market. Windowing means that there is a hollowed part on the outside of the packaging box so that customers could see the part or all of the products inside. Therefore, for solving the problem of how to make paper packaging products more unique from the microscopic perspective, maybe the window design will also bring a lot of surprise to consumers.