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Bronzing Process on Cell Phone Case Packaging Box
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Bronzing Process on Cell Phone Case Packaging Box

1. The bronzing of cell phone case packaging box is to paste the printed plate on the printing plate table equipped with electric heating board. The printing plate is heated by an electric heating plate, and the scroll-like aluminium carbide is stamped on the surface of the mobile phone case packaging box. Usually the base material of bronzing is electrolytic aluminium foil.

2. The hot stamping of cell phone case packaging box can also be red gold, green gold, silver, red, green, blue, and laser gold, which are usually carried out according to the needs of customers.

3. There are two main purposes of bronzing cell phone case packaging boxes. The first is to improve the sales of mobile phone case packaging boxes by decorating their surface. The second is to prevent counterfeiters from using the same type of packaging boxes as ours, and to use holographic positioning stamping trademark marks in mobile phone case packaging boxes, which can not only prevent counterfeiting by counterfeiters, but also show the individualization, safety and environmental protection of product packaging.

The above is the bronzing process on cell phone case packaging box shared by Lihua Group today, hoping to bring help to customers and colleagues. We have cell phone boxes for sale. Please feel free to contact us!