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Design Elements of Cosmetic Gift Packing Box
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Design Elements of Cosmetic Gift Packing Box

The appearance of cosmetic packaging boxes affects whether people are willing to buy such cosmetics. In many cosmetics manufacturers, the design of high-end gift boxes can attract more people's attention, thus prompting people to buy goods. So, the design of cosmetics packaging boxes is very important.

High-end gift boxes should choose bright warm colors in the design of appearance, because most cosmetics are used by females. The choice of patterns either gives people an elegant feeling or it is better to give people a warm and lovely feeling. Don't use dim colors or things that women hate as patterns, because the first impression of females is more important than that of males. High-end gift boxes are also designed to be more protective. As fragile items, cosmetics need to design a gift box that can effectively resist quake and compression.

The design of cosmetic packaging boxes includes outer packaging and instructions. According to the market demand, the basic design specifications for cosmetic packaging are put forward. Cosmetic outer boxes are divided into three types: large boxes, medium boxes and flower boxes. Flower boxes and medium boxes should be closely matched. Flower boxes and large boxes should be neat and tidy. The bonding parts of the boxes without missing parts should be firm. It should be non-sticking, uniform in color, and consistent with the standard sample. Cosmetic packaging boxes should be marked with the name of the product and the name of the manufacturer, trademark, factory site, production date and warranty period, capacity, license number and instructions for use, etc. Trademarks should be firm, not crooked, and not edge-warping. Printed trademarks should have correct patterns, clear color sets and clear handwriting.

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