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How Does Color Design of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes Attract the Psychology of Female Buyers?
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How Does Color Design of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes Attract the Psychology of Female Buyers?

With the development of modern society, packaging is only the "coat" of cosmetics. Designing these "coats" can attract part of the eyes of female consumers. Cosmetics market is a consumer market full of huge potential. Whoever can stand out in the competition of many brands will have unlimited business opportunities and profits. At present, modern cosmetic packaging are the first gateway to attract the eyes of female consumers, and color is the key to this gateway. Therefore, in the cosmetic packaging boxes, we should make full use of the associative characteristics of color to arouse the good imagination of female consumers.

1. Choose the color according to the position of the product sales stratum to satisfy female sense of superiority and vanity. Different brands of cosmetics have different positioning groups, and the price of products varies greatly. Cosmetics suitable for mass consumption can meet the needs of consumers of different ages with rich colors in the same package. For example, the packaging of Dabao series products has the ingenious collocation of pink, green, blue, purple, black, gold and other colors. The lines are simple but the colors are rich. The consumers of high-grade cosmetics are mainly females with good economic conditions. Relatively speaking, they have a strong sense of superiority and vanity. The nobility and value of their products are shown through the color of cosmetic box to meet the psychological needs of this group. For example, Amore Brilliant series products are decorated with gold. In the Chinese view, gold has a supreme meaning. Choosing gold can fully show the high-grade quality and noble status of the products. Enochi Crystal Keratin Series products use purple packaging bottles. Its elegant and noble feeling naturally emanates, which makes the owner obtain greater psychological satisfaction.

2. Pay attention to the color of cosmetic packaging design, highlight the personality and value of female. Moisturizing liquid, whitening cream, foundation and sun protection products can only meet the needs of female consumers for basic skin care. If you want to highlight their personal charm, make-up is essential. Different make-up can give people different psychological feelings. They can be pure, lovely, fresh and elegant, fashionable, sexy and intelligent. Therefore, the color of cosmetic packaging design should not only give female consumers a sense of beauty, but also bring them rich associations about personality and value.

3. Take advantage of the experience of beauty brought to women by color to satisfy their love of beauty. Everyone has a love for beauty, especially female consumers, whose love for beauty is more prominent. The color of cosmetic packaging boxes should satisfy the different preferences of consumers of different ages, and fully satisfy their love of beauty. For young female cosmetics, the tone should be fresh and lively, in order to fully reflect the vitality and health of young people. Such as Arche Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream, its emerald green packaging is fresh and natural, it is full of vitality, and it is easy to be favored by young girls. For the products of middle-aged and elderly consumers, the tone should be stable and elegant. They demand higher quality products and pay more attention to brand consumption. For example, the essence of SK- II is Chinese red, which reflects the traditional Chinese flavor and gives people a sense of nobility and vitality. Many females believe that this product has excellent performance in nourishing the skin and keeping the skin young.