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Lihua Color Printed Fire Drill
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Lihua Color Printed Fire Drill

Lihua Color Printed Fire Drill
In order to test employees’ ability to respond to emergencies, improve their fire safety awareness and learn how to rescue themselves from fire, how to use fire-fighting equipment, and initial fire-fighting measures, Lihua Color Printing will be held at 16:00 on June 24, 2020-- 17: 00 for firefighting training and drills.

The leaders of the company attached great importance to this exercise, and it was directed by Vice President Liu himself.
The company prepares 10 liters of fuel, sufficient amount of wood or other burning materials, 2 smoke cans (containers for burning wood), 4-10 fire extinguishers, 2 hoses, and 1 gun tip. Used as a fire drill, it paves the way for the smooth progress of the fire drill.

In order to enable every employee to master fire fighting skills and learn to effectively call the police, extinguish fires, and escape when a fire occurs, the company provided fire fighting knowledge training to all participants before the exercise. Let them no longer be unfamiliar with fire-fighting equipment and understand their correct use methods, ensuring that everyone can boldly use them when an accident occurs and actively fight the fire at the initial stage.

The fire fighting team arranged the drill site in advance as required to ensure the smooth progress and fidelity of the drill.

At 16:00 in the afternoon, the participating employees gathered at the company square. Vice President Liu gave detailed instructions to everyone.

At 16:30, the exercise officially began. The Administration Department found a fire on the site of the production workshop and immediately dialed 119 with the mobile phone to call the police, request the support of the fire brigade, and activate the emergency plan. The fire-fighting team leader personally led the team, rushed to the fire scene with a fire extinguisher, and proficiently used the fire-fighting knowledge learned in the previous training to extinguish the fire.

Through everyone's efforts, the fire source was finally extinguished. In order to allow more people participating in the exercise to have the opportunity to practice, we have repeatedly conducted several fire fire drills, and personnel from all departments of the company have been given the opportunity to practice, which is of great help to improve everyone's fire fighting skills. In addition to using fire extinguishers, we also practiced using fire hydrants to put out fires.

At 17:00, the fire commander commented on our exercise.

In general, the fire drill has achieved its goal and achieved success.

Preventing fires before they happen, fire fighting responsibilities are heavier than Mount Tai. Through the exercise, the fire safety awareness of all employees can be improved, the ability of employees to escape and self-rescue can be enhanced, the operation of the company's fire protection facilities and equipment can be inspected, and the company's safety accident prevention work can be done. More importantly, by simulating the on-site environment, summarizing training experience, and trying to find out what is not enough to improve, comprehensively improve the actual combat level of the participants.