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Lihua Color Printed (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Summary Report at the End of 2019
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Lihua Color Printed (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Summary Report at the End of 2019

Friday, January 10, 2020, 8:30 a.m. Lihua Color Printing (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. grandly held the 2019 Final Commendation and Lean Project Summary Conference in the dining hall of Kunshan Lihua Group headquarters.

The meeting was jointly led by the Lean Promotion Office and the Management Department. More than 750 employees, managers and directors of the company attended the meeting. The company's senior management: Chairman and General Manager Mr. Sun Fuzhu, Executive Deputy General Manager Mr. Liu Zhengqing, Deputy General Manager Mr. Wu Hongwu, the manager's representative, and Mr. He Wenguang and Mr. Zhang Zhijian from Linwei Consulting attended the meeting.

The chairman of the company gave us a new year message and expectations for 2020; President Sun's speech emphasized that first: 2020 is a key year for the company. Lihua has already made arrangements in some Southeast Asian countries (such as Vietnam, Thailand, etc.), and business orders The above also put forward tasks and requirements for us. At the same time, it is also a major matter for the company to be successfully listed in Taiwan in 2020. Second, the requirements of lean promotion require lean ideas and methods to be promoted from Kunshan headquarters to other subsidiaries. Also let them learn lean improvement methods, so that each subsidiary has a lean culture and lean elements; Third, the promotion of lean cost improvement, involving all employees in cost improvement, so that everyone can enjoy the results they bring, so Make the company and employees a win-win situation.

Immediately after the second item of the meeting, Mr. Wu Hongwu, the Deputy General Manager and Manager of the operation, made an important speech. Mr. Wu said: "The year just passed was an extraordinary year in the company's development history. Under the leadership, accurately research and judge the economic situation, scientifically plan development ideas, carefully arrange various tasks, promote production in a stable and orderly manner, unite and lead all employees of the company to overcome difficulties, forge ahead, and take an active role. Significant results have been achieved in operating work. Lean projects The goals of the initial stage have been basically achieved. In terms of operations ---- by the end of 2019, the total assets of the Kunshan plant reached 450 million yuan, maintaining a growth trend, operating income of 341 million yuan, an increase of 4.15%, and a per capita output value of 33,300 yuan. An increase of 11.2 year %. In terms of lean ----- Kunshan factory total cost savings of 16 million yuan (among them; labor cost savings of 895,000 yuan; material savings of 77.73 million yuan; cost category savings of 3.74 million yuan; automation and fixture processing savings of 3.89 million yuan) ; The delivery cycle is shortened by 19.47%; the production process route is reduced by 17%; the comprehensive production efficiency is improved by 12.7%; the comprehensive product failure rate is reduced by 33%; The number of improvements per capita has been improved from the original 0.05 to 0.58 in the past few years; more than 90 Lean presentations have been held. Lean morning meetings have been held more than 14 times. Lean beauty articles have been promoted 66 times. 4. Leap across the main line of development and highlight the following six areas of work: First, carry out lean production activities; second, continue to improve manufacturing capabilities; third, pay close attention to cost improvements; fourth, improve engineering capabilities; fifth, continue to improve quality; The sixth is cultural shaping and talent training. "The new tasks for 2020 are immediately followed:" First, to continue to promote lean production; second, to promote process reengineering and streamline administration; third, to further improve cost management; and fourth, to actively carry out innovation Work. "Vice President Wu's insightful speech is thought-provoking and paves the way for guiding you to achieve better results in 2020.

Next, Director Yin represented the Lean Promotion Office in his work summary report for the whole year, reporting on the achievements and shortcomings since the implementation of Lean Promotion in one year, and planned for Lean Promotion in 2020, mainly from four aspects: The first is the shaping and training of lean talent; the second is the continuous creation and innovation of a lean cultural atmosphere; the third is the implementation and promotion of lean results; the fourth is the implementation of lean goals and the continuous introduction of new incentive measures. " Therefore, the lean elements are deeply implanted in Lihua enterprises.

Finally, Deputy General Manager Liu made a concluding speech on the meeting. He clearly stated three points: "First, I am sure that everyone has contributed in the past. As long as you have worked hard, worked hard, and created value, You will definitely get what you want; secondly, you must have achieved the results in the first year of Lean, but the goal of self-improvement has not yet reached the goal of 1 piece / month / person per person, and I hope that it must be achieved by 2020. Emphasize the main points of lean improvement, that is, repeat one simple thing, repeat the simple thing, and do it carefully when you do it, and you will be successful. In fact, the lean idea is like this. Do, continue to consolidate the original results, and apply the lean method to the color box in 2020; Third, the company still does a few major things in the economic form of the Sino-US trade war in 2019, respectively in Southeast Asia , South China and other regions opened several branches, the results are very rich, and rapid growth, successfully listed in 2020, this is the goal of 2020, the performance to achieve 760 million, but My mind is to achieve 1 billion. Based on this, I will make three more points: (1) Innovation. The future packaging is not just a package containing items. It will be a carrier carrying more information, so this is also The focus of the later R & D center, and the innovation of the business model, is the focus of the business level, an innovation at the business level, innovation is everywhere, and production is the same. (2) Quality, if the quality of an enterprise is unstable, the enterprise Will be eliminated, quality is the life of the enterprise, so in the future, equipment will be used instead of manual work, and instruments and equipment will be used instead of human judgment to affect quality. (3) Cost, whether it is lean or operating, They must pay special attention to costs. The core competitiveness of an enterprise is cost. Only by eliminating waste through various methods and means, can the cost be maximized.