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LIHUA Group Attend The ADF&PCD Paris Show
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LIHUA Group Attend The ADF&PCD Paris Show

On January 31, 2019, ADF&PCD Paris was successfully concluded at the Versailles Exhibition Center, Paris, France. LIHUA Group was invited to attend the show. The exhibition mainly showed the pressure pump and the aerosol packaging, external packing of perfume and skin care products. And rolled two associated themes of ADF and PCD into one, from technical application to industrial application such as medicines, food and household items, etc., which meets the customer's two-way selection requirements. 

This exhibition has a strong lineup, with a total area of 169 million square meters, holding more than 600 exhibited companies. Well-known enterprises and professionals gathered, and invited the famous brand to made speeches on heuristic education. The sponsor also introduced the global prize, which is to award the best innovate products from exhibitors.

Through this platform of the exhibition, it is beneficial to connect the packaging companies of various countries, promote exchanges between industries, and learned the packaging applications of various industries in different countries. In the future, how to break through the product innovation, improve production technology and cater to market development trends are key problems that enterprises need to focus on.