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Regarding the environmental protection of paper and plastics, Lihua Group
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Regarding the environmental protection of paper and plastics, Lihua Group

Regarding the environmental protection of paper and plastics, Lihua Group
-Interview with Mr. Dai Weiyou, Business Director of Lihua Group

In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection have continued to become the focus of public attention. With China’s international commitments to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, this trend has been pushed to a climax. As an important part of my country's manufacturing field, the packaging industry will also take paper and plastics as an important direction for the future development of the industry's environmental protection, and contribute to the realization of the goal of carbon neutrality.

As a leading manufacturer of packaging technology in the industry, Lihua Color Printing (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. attended the 2021 Luxury Packaging Exhibition (LUXPACK). So, under the current economic situation, how will the packaging industry be affected? What about the future development plan of Lihua Group for energy conservation and environmental protection? The reporter of "World Packaging Expo" had the honor to interview Mr. Dai Weiyou, the business director of Lihua Group.

One-stop packaging solution

Dai Weiyou said that with the slowdown of the epidemic, the entire domestic and foreign orders have increased by 30-50%. At present, the company mainly has 4 factories in China, namely Kunshan (Lihua Color Printing and Haipai Paper and Plastic), Dongguan (Lihe Environmental Protection), and Chongqing (Shanghai Pai Environmental Protection). There are two factories abroad, Lihua Vietnam and Lihua Thailand, and two design centers located in California, USA and Taiwan, China. "Lihua Group provides customers with one-stop packaging solutions that are vertically integrated. The services include concept development, design proposals, rapid proofing, sample testing, feasibility evaluation, mass production to on-time delivery, and ultimately ensure that the packaging project is in line with the customer. In terms of quality, cost, delivery time, social responsibility and other requirements."

It is understood that Lihua Group attaches great importance to technology research and development in packaging production. Through internal independent research and development and external automation, it has developed a series of automated packaging equipment. It can still be quickly switched between different factories and different printing machines. Unified color management. The use of the printing closed-loop system can ensure consistent color output, ensure consistent printing colors, and realize group production color protection. All branches have passed G7 color management certification, especially paper and plastic (molded fiber), materials and production environments have FSC certification. The factory will recycle 100% and water resources, effectively achieving power saving, resource recycling, and environmental sustainability. "Dai Weiyou said.

Environmental protection and energy saving, leading paper and plastic

In recent years, with the rapid advancement of digital mold technology, packaging paper prices have skyrocketed. At the same time, environmental protection awareness has risen, and the government has also issued a series of plastic reduction action guidelines and de-plasticization laws. And with the advent of the era of intelligent manufacturing, paper-plastic packaging is rapidly heating up. From the traditional packaging and printing industry to the paper-plastic environmental protection packaging of high-tech new materials, it is one of the important environmental protection trends facing the printing industry. Paper plastic (moulded fiber) can not only realize the environmental protection needs of brand owners and meet social responsibilities, but also express a texture different from traditional packaging through the unique touch, texture, color, shock resistance, and plasticity of pulp fiber materials. It is the popular packaging solution that many packaging designers are eager to. At the same time, the fully automated paper-plastic manufacturing process not only reduces labor costs, improves work efficiency, but also maintains stable quality and smooth delivery plans. "So in recent years, the investment direction will be mainly environmentally friendly paper-plastics," Dai Weiyou said.

Facing the trend of sustainable development of packaging in the future, Lihua Group has never forgotten its original intention and stood at the forefront of the industry. While providing customers with one-stop packaging solutions, it continues to bring innovative packaging value to customers. Always uphold the core values of the company: people-oriented, advocating nature, and green life. Sustainable development.