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Three Basic Elements Need to Be Grasped in the Electronic Product Packaging Design
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Three Basic Elements Need to Be Grasped in the Electronic Product Packaging Design

Electronic product packaging boxes are not only the "face" of electronic products, but also the protection of electronic products to avoid damage during long-distance transportation. They should be well grasped in the process of electronic product packaging design. So what are the three basic elements in the electronic product packaging design? Let's get to know them together.

1. Text factors in the electronic product packaging design

Text is indispensable to convey sales packaging information. The electronic packaging boxes can be without graphics, but can not be without text. Text design includes Chinese and English (Chinese Pinyin). The text content used for electronic product packaging includes brand name, commodity name, advertising language and instructions. Brand name refers to the trademark of a commodity. The name of a commodity refers to the name of the item being packaged. Advertising language is an auxiliary term for promoting goods. The above three types are generally placed on the main display surface of the package. Most of them use design fonts and highly personalized fonts. Description text includes quality instructions, usage instructions, ingredients, some main properties, company name, address, telephone, etc. It is generally placed on the side of the package, or separately made into booklets and packed in the inside of the package box. Normalized printing fonts are often used. Over-thick or over-thin fonts and strokes will affect the visibility after printing. It is not suitable to choose fonts with large changes, otherwise it will affect readability. Font design of electronic packaging boxes should be high-tech, but attention should be paid to visibility and readability.

2. Graphic factors in electronic product packaging design

The graphic content of electronic product packaging is mainly product image, logo, brand image and decorative graphics. The greatest characteristic of photographic pictures is that they can vividly and accurately reproduce the texture and shape of products and realize the transmission of images. When you are purchasing digital electronic products, it is generally not allowed to open the packaging box to see the goods inside. Through photography, it can directly show the goods on the packaging and decoration, and it is more beautiful than the goods inside. With the development of photography technology, its realism and authenticity are more convincing than illustrations, which once made illustrations less popular. Recently, however, due to the similarities and differences of photography and the lack of personality, the diversity and flexibility of illustrations have gradually been paid attention to. Illustrations have become popular again. They are parallel with photography in the field of commercial design, or they are combined with photography, thus enriching the expression language of packaging design. It can not only be a precise realistic expression, but also a summary expression. It can also freely express emotions, express rich fantasies and depict unrestrained fantasies beyond time and space. Cartoon-like sense of humor and human feelings are difficult to express in photography due to technical limitations. Especially, nowadays, we attach great importance to differentiated sales strategies, which make illustrations more able to show their unique personality.

3. Color elements of electronic product packaging design

According to the investigation and analysis, color has the advertising function of publicizing commodities and attracting attention of consumers, and it plays a great role in promoting the rapid expansion of the market. More and more enterprises and commodity packaging designers are paying attention to this point. Therefore, when designing commodity packaging, enterprises should pay attention to the important role of color. When designing commodity packaging color, designers should try their best to design a color that conforms to the identity of digital electronic products, so as to improve the competitiveness of products of enterprises in sales.

Color design, text design and graphic design are three basic factors in the electronic product packaging design. They shape the basic framework of electronic product packaging and they are an important part of electronic product packaging design. If you want to beautify the packaging of electronic products and show the image of the enterprise, you can not do without the coordination of these three basic elements.