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Paper Wine Boxes Can Also Be Upscale
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Paper Wine Boxes Can Also Be Upscale

Nowadays, with the development of the society, the material is becoming more and more rich, and people's view on aesthetic standards is gradually changing. Therefore, the more complex and cumbersome the products are, the less they would succeed in appealing to customers. In recent years, some simple and exquisite paper wine gift boxes have gained more and more popularity among many wine sellers.

Lihua Group, focusing on paper packaging, adheres to the traditional simplicity style and produces batches of high-end wine boxes packaging for many well-known wine brands and increase the value of products. We have succeeded in making the product stand out in the fierce competition in the market and gain many consumers' favor. How did we make it?

First of all, precise and high-end materials selection. Generally, we will choose corrugated paper as the main material of medium and low-end wine box packaging to ensure its load-bearing. However, one problem is that the grade is not high-end enough to reflect the supreme quality of products. In this vein, in order to show high quality appearance, we will choose special paper and cardboard as materials.

Secondly, the high quality printing process. The surface of the paper wine gift box is treated by gloss film, so it looks bright and colorful, and the color does not change for a long time.

Furthermore, the color selection and exquisite pattern setting of wine gift boxes. The paper packaging is mainly classic black and gray, showing the protagonist's down-to-earth temperament and the outlook and pursuit of high-quality life. In addition, there are not too many patterns on the surface of wine box, but only one eye-catching logo, which makes it easier for customers to remember the brand.

Finally, the paper wine gift boxes are inserted with inner brackets to fix the products. It is not only beneficial to show the products, but also to protect the products.

The price of paper wine gift boxes is much lower than that of leather wine gift boxes, which features low cost and high efficiency. If you are a wine seller, how will you choose?