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As a leader in the printing and packaging industry, Lihua Group paper packaging products include not only paper pulp trays and paper boxes, but also cards, labels and manuals. We can provide our customers with everything they need about printing. Paper packaging cards are one of them. Our paper cards are very popular and hot-sell, all of which have smooth surface, strong and environmentally friendly features. Custom cards printing is available. You can use them to pack SD cards, batteries and other small items. Of course, we can also provide greet cards, gift cards and flashcards etc. Everything is based on your requirements, we will sincerely serve you.

Categories of Cards

Cards have a very wide range of applications in the market. Lihua currently provides cards including paper cards for SanDisk & Kingston memory cards and flashcards these two types. And we can also provide other paper packaging cards according to your requirements.

(1) Paper cards for SanDisk & Kingston memory cards: compared to most blister packs, our products are free of air bubbles, streaks and bristles, which are cleaner, stronger and less prone to breakage.
(2) Flashcards: usually we use cardboard, coated paper and gray board material etc. These cards have strong and beautiful features, they can be used for flashcards, greeting cards or other purposes.

Custom Printed Packaging Cards by Lihua Group

We offer custom cards printing. No matter what kind of paper cards, we can make it more meaningful through personalized design. Usually we use the surface finishing process such as: printing, UV,  varnishing, hot stamping, matte/glossy lamination and embossing etc., which can make your card more beautiful. We have automatic equipment and mature production technology, which enables us to provide you with quality products. In addition, we also provide consulting services, you can communicate with us and share your ideas about the cards. We will discuss with you at any time until the sample meets the requirements. Of course, we also provide you with good after-sales service.