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Take the Ttable and Sustainable Road of Packaging Development
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Take the Ttable and Sustainable Road of Packaging Development

In the early stage of reform and opening up, China put forward that "development is the absolute principle", which has made great and positive contributions to the improvement of China's economic level and the enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength, making China's economic level rank among the top three in the world in the decades since the founding of the People's Republic of China. However, in the process of high-intensity development, there is a greater degree of damage to both the natural and social environment.


In recent years, the national economic development has entered a New Normal, and the economic development has changed from "fast and good" to "good and fast". Environmental protection has become an important prerequisite for economic development. This view is also embodied in the eco friendly cosmetic packaging.


Jiangsu Lihua Group is well aware that most consumers are against extravagance and waste, and environmental protection has become the responsibility of every enterprise and citizen. As one of the fashion consumer goods, packaging is to the packaging cosmetics as face is to people. Besides, the commonly-used non-renewable materials will cause material waste and environmental pollution.


Nowadays, with the further understanding of environmental protection concept, some cosmetics tend to adopt renewable or recyclable raw materials in their packaging.


Jurlique, a cosmetic brand from Australia, claims that its products, from cartons to the pigment used for the written letter on the bottles, are made from materials that can be naturally decomposed. Natura accounts for 14.6% market share of Brazil's cosmetics market, whose Aquarela makeup series uses sawdust as its packaging material and uses less plastic to reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste packaging. Meanwhile, the self-supporting packaging developed by ecological design is shaped as tear drop and sealed with inversed cover, which is said to save 70% of plastic compared with the same volume of rigid plastic containers.


Generally speaking, the development of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging and the change of people's consumption concept promote the development of the environment towards a good direction.