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The Color of Food Packaging
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The Color of Food Packaging

Color is something we see and meet every day. Have you ever noticed the color of food packaging? What color are they generally? What do you think is the best color for food packaging?

According to the statistical analysis of color in the market, bright and light colors are often used for cartons of non-staple food. For example, blue and white are used to indicate cleanliness, hygiene and coolness; red, orange and yellow indicate sweetness, fragrance and freshness; primitive and solemn tertiary colors indicate mellow aroma and long history of good wine.

The use of bright colors such as pink, orange and tangerine can highlight the sweet and odorous smell, taste and texture of food. Therefore, we use warm colors such as gold, red, coffee to pack chocolate, cereal and other foods, giving people a fresh, delicious and nutritious feeling. For example, the color of tobacco and wine's package is usually elegant and simple, which is close to human nature and reflects the characteristics of the product; the packaging of cold drink adopts blue and white color with cool feeling, which can highlight the freezing, refreshing and hygiene characteristics of food; the color of tea food packaging box is generally green, which gives people a fresh and healthy feeling.

Color can reflect the characteristics of the product, or we can choose the corresponding color according to the nature of the product. Only by combining the color with the psychological response of consumers to promote the product packaging design to a new level, can we make the product packaging design play an important and positive role in promoting the commodity promotion under the condition of market economy. The same is true for food packaging. Proper use of color can improve product sales and appeal to more customers.