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Why are Paper Wine Gift Boxes More Expensive than Ordinary Packaging Boxes
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Why are Paper Wine Gift Boxes More Expensive than Ordinary Packaging Boxes

Under normal circumstances, the paper wine gift boxes are more expensive than ordinary packaging boxes. What is the reason on earth? Many friends have doubts about this. Now Lihua Group will tell you the reasons.

All friends who drink wine must have a deep understanding that the wine gift boxes have good texture. This is actually because wine gift box packaging production includes a lot of special techniques. As for ordinary packaging boxes, the processes of techniques are relatively less.

Under normal circumstances, the techniques for the production of a wine box will be more than three sorts, and that for the ordinary wine box is one or two. The more techniques are used, the more difficult the production is, then naturally the higher the price will be. The most common wine box must feature at least three kinds of techniques: gilding, UV, convex. Besides, the gilding technique often refers to more than one kind of gilding and UV refers to more than one kind of UV. In addition, some paper wine gift boxes feature embossing technique for more special effect and uniqueness. The embossing technique could make smooth paper more textured. The price of the above processes is relatively expensive, and it is more difficult to use all the techniques together, because various techniques often need the set of location, and the requirements for the location are relatively strict, which will make the price of wine gift box packaging more expensive.

In addition, the material requirement of paper wine gift boxes is higher than that of ordinary wine boxes, which is caused by the fierce competition in wine market. Therefore, the reasons why the package of paper wine gift boxes is expensive are complex techniques and quality materials. The above is Lihua Group's analysis, and we hope they are helpful to you.