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What is Food Packaging
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What is Food Packaging

Food packaging is closely related to our daily life. What is food packaging?

Food packaging refers to the use of proper packaging materials, containers and packaging technology to package food to maintain its value and original state in the process of transportation and storage. Food packaging contains two aspects of meanings: the one is packaging materials, the other is packaging technology.

As to attractive food packaging materials, Lihua Group mostly adopts soft packaging paper. The advantages of this material are light weight, easy to carry, easy to print, and good impact resistance, good barrier performance, low cost, and suitable for microwave heating. Most enterprises of the food packaging industry choose this material for packaging.

In terms of packaging technology, Lihua Group adopts advanced automatic machinery manufacturing, high-quality and eco-friendly materials, and all indicators are in line with the export standards.

Food packaging is an integral part of food products, as well as one of the main processes of food industry. It can protect food by preventing the damage caused by biological, chemical and physical external factors during the circulation process of food products from factories to the consumers. It also boasts the function of maintaining the stable quality of food itself. Besides, it can maintain the stable quality of food and it's convenient for eating food. Most importantly, food packaging is the first part showing the appearance of food and attracting the eyes of consumers, so it has the value beyond the material cost. Above all, food packaging process is an integral part of food manufacturing system.

As one of the leaders in the packaging industry, Lihua Group has the ability to help you manufacture food packaging, including color boxes which are suitable for ordinary chocolate packaging, and hardcover gift box packaging, including shaped box and gift box, which will greatly improve your texture of your products, attract customers' attention and increase profits.