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Why are Liquor Packages Mostly Yellow and Red
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Why are Liquor Packages Mostly Yellow and Red

There are many liquor brands in China, and the packaging styles and colors are also various. But have you noticed that red and yellow occupy the majority of liquor packaging in the selection of color of paper wine gift boxes. Do you know the reason?

1. Red is the traditional color of China

In the traditional Chinese culture, red represents celebration. For example, people like to decorate weddings and the Spring Festival with red. The daily red envelopes, wedding invitations and greeting cards are also mostly red. On the one hand, the red paper wine gift packing boxes seem festive, on the other hand, it is more eye-catching. Red is also the color of love, so the gift box packed in red for Chinese New Year also means bringing good luck and happiness to those we love.

2. Yellow represents nobility in China

Since ancient times, yellow has represented the central imperial power and the country's state, with the symbolic significance of holiness, nobility, loftiness and solemnity. The yellow package for paper wine gift boxes also represents nobility and glory.

3. Yellow and red are more popular with consumers

Liquor is commonly seen in banquets, business receptions, friends' parties and as gifts. According to a survey on the color preference of liquor gifts for consumers, 60% of respondents chose red packaging, 8% chose yellow packaging, and the rest 32% thought both are good.

4. Influenced by traditional culture

Chinese people are used to choosing red to express the national spirit and features. Red represents passion, diligence, energy and love, while yellow traditionally represents nobility. For example, the word "Descendants of the Yan and Yellow Emperors" means that Chinese people like this color when it comes to blood lineage. Therefore, influenced by traditional culture, Chinese people like these two colors most in traditional perspectives. Red and yellow are often used in paper wine gift packaging boxes to meet the demand of Chinese people.