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Label features:

A label is a tool that identifies your product's goal or content, such as keywords that are targeted to your goals, and that are easy for you and others to find. Labels are used in a wide range of applications, including transportation packaging, electrical appliances, office, clothing, and food. Based on these wide range uses, labels must be small, simple and clear, and waterproof to perform its functions better.


As the leading paper packages in China, we have enough experience and technology to manufacture packaging supplies and products. In terms of materials, we use PE, PVC, PP, paper and others to produce packaging labels. Whether you need a waterproof or paper label, we can provide it. In terms of use, we can produce product labels, roll labels, mailing labels, retail marking labels and sheet stickers etc. There are various labels, and we can custom and manufacture according to your requirements.

Customer care facility:

We have dedicated customer service to facilitate its venerated clients. Whether you have questions about price, quality, transportation or after-sales, you can contact us by mail or phone (Lihua Group Tel: +86-023-68661366 E-mail:, we will answer every questions for you.