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Application of Chromatics in Food Packaging
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Application of Chromatics in Food Packaging

Color is one of the most important elements to transmit visual information, and also an vital part of food packaging and sales, which plays a role in beautifying goods. In this connection, what's the best color for food packaging?


The packaging color of food should feature the following characteristics:

(1) As to the industry, the food industry often chooses goose yellow and pink as its main colors, which give people a sense of warmth and closeness. Of course, many tea food packaging design boxes use green color, many drinks choose green and blue packaging, many wines and pastries choose drak red packaging, and many children's food choose pink packaging; the cosmetics industry often chooses rose, pink, light green, light blue and dark coffee as its main colors to highlight the cozy and elegant sentiment; the clothing industry often chooses dark green, dark blue, coffee or gray as its main colors to highlight the beauty of calmness and classic elegance.


(2) In terms of performance characteristics, Take food alone for example, cakes and snacks usually choose gold, milk white and light pink as the main colors, giving people the impression of fragrance; tea, beer and other drinks are mostly with red or green packaging, symbolizing the full-bodied taste and fragrance of tea; tomato juice and apple juice are mostly red, which shows the natural properties of the goods. Although the main color of some packages are not consistent with the one close to commodity attributes as mentioned above, we can find that if the design of the package is finished by professionals, there must be some symbolic color block, color dot or color line on the outer package highlighting the concentrated content of the products.


Excellent food packaging companies must be able to grasp these characteristics and maximize their roles in food packaging, so that customers can enjoy the taste and meet their visual demands.