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Future Development and Trend of International Paper Packaging Industry ( I )
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Future Development and Trend of International Paper Packaging Industry ( I )

Among the four packaging materials of paper, plastic, metal and glass, paper packaging products are the cheapest, recyclable and eco-friendly, so it develops the fastest. In general, what we discuss most is the development status and trend of domestic paper packaging industry. This article will make an analysis of the future development and trend of international paper packaging industry for you. Based on the relevant information, the company believes that the international paper packaging products industry mainly presents the following development trends.

1. The packaging process tends to be simplified

The application of modern technology to the field of paper packaging box makes many packaging processes more scientific and reasonable. For example, the extrusion, hot pressing, punching and other molding processes of plastic packaging have been gradually used in the molding of cardboard packaging, so that the products that could not be packed with paper in the past also used paper for packaging.

Post-printing process of packaging is getting more scientific and practical. The performance and effect of packaging have also changed significantly. For example, the waxing and laminating processes on the packaging surface in the past has been gradually replaced by surface laminating (spraying treatment). Furthermore, the production process of anti-counterfeiting packaging has changed from local printing and production to overall and large-scale printing and production.

2. Mechanization and intellectualization of paper packaging

At present, in order to meet the diversified needs of modern commodity packaging, developed countries have begun to continuously develop general packaging machinery and equipment which can adapt to products of various varieties and small batches. Meanwhile, they keep pace with the development of modern high-tech and constantly apply advanced technology to production. Aside from that, they research and develop modern special packaging machinery with high-tech, such as film blowing machinery, composite machinery, coating machinery, cutting machinery, printing machinery, paper bag machinery, canned filling machinery, etc. These machines both occupy small space and have high efficiency of production. The mechanical appearance can meet the environmental requirements and the psychological requirements of operators. Package printing equipment has a tendency for digital and miniaturization development and the cost also tends to be cheaper.