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Case Study on New Electronic Product Packaging Design
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Case Study on New Electronic Product Packaging Design

The development of science and technology has promoted the innovation of intelligent electronic products. More and more electronic products have entered people's lives, greatly enriching people's material life, spiritual life and entertainment life, such as smart phones, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, smart bracelets and so on. Among them, the consumer electronics packaging also plays an important role. The electronic product packaging design takes the effective protection of products as its primary function. At the same time, it should be concise and beautiful, convey product information intuitively, and deepen people's impression visually. Here are some examples of electronic product packaging design.

1. Design of Smart Seal Packaging

The electronic product packaging design of smart seals should pay attention to the firm structure. It should have good impact resistance and compression resistance, and it should not be damaged by external environment easily, so as to effectively protect the products. At the same time, the packaging design is concise and beautiful, the graphic image is vivid, the surface printing process is exquisite, the texture is modern and high-end, and a variety of color matching schemes can deepen people's impression visually and convey product information intuitively. Its cost is strictly controlled, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble, as far as possible to reduce labor, production and transportation costs.

2. Intelligent Flat Packing Design

The appearance of smart flat packaging design is very simple. Surface graphic design is concise without losing its charm, and surface processing is exquisite. It visually highlights the high-end texture of the product. The overall style of product packaging is simple and technological, which is consistent with product attributes and gives people modern, simple, technological and business feelings. It adopts flip-over box design and reasonable inner box design. It not only plays a role of stabilization and protection of products, but also takes full account of cost factors such as material, process and so on. It strictly controls the manufacturing cost of electronic packaging boxes so as to make the whole packaging easy to disassemble and assemble and facilitate production, manufacture and transportation.

3. Packaging Design of Children's Smart Watches

The packaging design of children's smart watches should extract design elements from product form, adopt vivid and bright colors as a whole, and adopt vivid and lovely pattern design. With concise text description, it is neat layout without losing vitality. It has novel and interesting shape, which conforms to children's aesthetic psychology. At the same time, the stability and safety of packaging structure design and the printing process in the later stage of printing should be fully considered. It has strong structure, good impact resistance and compression resistance. It is easy to disassemble, carry, display, ship, and it can be reused to save environmental protection.