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How to Customize Cosmetic Packaging Boxes to Achieve High Quality - Low Cost?
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How to Customize Cosmetic Packaging Boxes to Achieve High Quality - Low Cost?

When cosmetic packaging boxes are being customized, paper materials are the most commonly used. It is usually used in cosmetic packaging. Cosmetic paper packaging paper has a variety of choices, such as copper board paper, kraft paper, gold and silver cardboard, pearlescent paper and so on. Because of its different characteristics, cosmetic packaging materials are also different. So how to choose and use paper reasonably to ensure the quality of cosmetic packaging boxes and reduce the cost of customized packaging boxes?  Now, we can learn the attributes of customized cosmetic package materials in order to correctly select packaging and printing materials with Lihua Group.

1. Copper board paper: Its paper characteristics are smooth and glossy surface, solid and consistent coating. It is easy to obtain fine and clear patterns and text after printing. Therefore, copper board paper is the most popular cosmetic packaging material. Kraft paper is a tough and water-resistant packaging paper. It has yellowish brown and white color. It is very flexible, strong and durable. Therefore, it is widely used in the packaging of clothing, food, tea, wine and other industries. However, its shortcomings are also obvious, and the color of printing is limited, only suitable for printing heavy color. If it is used for producing cosmetic packing, it will not be suitable. There are few cosmetic boxes made of this material on the market.

2. Gold and silver cardboard: It is a kind of special paper with smooth surface and high gloss. It has a metallic texture and gives people a special dazzling feeling. When it's in hand, it's very high-end, and the added value of the product rises instantly. Of course, the price will be much higher than other materials. In addition, this material in the printing pattern and text effect is also good, exquisite and clear. If cosmetic enterprises pursue high-end fashion, they can choose gold and silver cardboard custom cosmetics package.

3. Pearlescent paper: The gorgeous effect of this material is also obvious. The color selectivity is relatively large, but in printing, the ink is not easy to adhere to and absorb. It is not easy to dry, and the printing time may be longer.

Of course, there are other other materials of customized cosmetic packaging boxes to choose. Here we will not explain one by one. If you need to know more and buy cheap cosmetic packaging, welcome to inquire! Lihua Group brings high quality and low price packaging to you.