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Reasonable Design of the Structure to Arouse Consumer Awareness of Environmental Protection
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Reasonable Design of the Structure to Arouse Consumer Awareness of Environmental Protection

For the cosmetics industry, packaging materials are often the first impression of products to consumers. Therefore, more and more cosmetics brands are looking for their own unique bottle shape to let consumers remember their brand image and brand positioning through packaging. The popularity of minimalism and normcore in China also illustrates this. It is not only able to attract consumers, but also has certain significance and value for eco friendly cosmetic packaging.


Similarly, the use of single material is also critical for recycling. When designing packaging, try to use the same material or separable and coexistent material. Packaging made of single material is easy to recycle. For instance, a kind of pure polyester coke bottle without HDPE base appears is sold on the market and it is good for regeneration. Composite materials with multi-layer structure must be easy to be separated and reused.

It has become a mainstream for many packaging enterprises to develop the simplest structure to the best. The popularity of water transfer printing process in the plastic packaging materials of cosmetics is a case in point. Internal spraying and injection molding processes could be used to make packaging with wood grain and marbled patterns. Particularly, plastic packaging materials with wood grain patterns have been shown in many exhibitions these years. It caters to consumers' pursuit of eco friendly cosmetic packaging from the appearance.

"Eco-friendly ", as a commonplace issue in recent years, is also a topic that the real economy can't get around. The conflict between "limpid waters and lush mountains" and "mountains of gold and silver " is staged in the package printing industry. However, Lihua Group believes that "Every link should be able to achieve environmental protection through the efforts and innovation of enterprises from raw materials to finished products. Finally, limpid waters and lush mountains will be unified with mountains of gold and silver. "