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What Kind of Cosmetic Gift Packaging Can Promote the Sales of Cosmetics?
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What Kind of Cosmetic Gift Packaging Can Promote the Sales of Cosmetics?

Today, the market is full of cosmetics, in fact, the finished products are almost the same. Many of the large cosmetics companies are also OEM for other factories. How to get rid of the homogenization of cosmetics, there are two factors to consider, one is brand value, the other important aspect is cosmetics gift packaging. A beautiful cosmetic gift packaging is often more attractive to consumers. Then how to make the packaging more attractive?

This requires us to accurately identify the consumer's favorite in the cosmetic packaging box design and do a good job in market research. Nowadays, the main consumption group of cosmetics is young women born in the 90s and 00s. They are often not very sensitive to the price of products, and they have high requirements for the appearance of products. Designing a product with a high output value can often get young women's favor.

We know that today's young women like girly style things, so it is very important to grasp the color in the design of cosmetics gift packaging. The small and fresh color is the main color, and the dark color can only start to play a role of ornament, because fresh and elegant color often gives people a feeling of youth. At the same time, cosmetics gift packaging does not pursue complexity, only needs a simple cover or the opened book box, because high degree of complexity often gives people a feeling of painting the lily.