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Why should Food be Packaged?
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Why should Food be Packaged?

Food is indispensable for our daily life, but when you see the packaging bag, have you ever thought about why food items need packaging? Next, we will explain the reasons from three aspects:

From the comprehensive perspective of food production, sales and consumption, the purpose of food packaging is to prevent food spoilage and ensure the quality of the food. In the process of preservation, circulation and selling of food, the physical, chemical and microbiological properties of food may change. Only by preventing these changes, can we ensure the quality and safety of food. Food safety is closely related to national economy and international trade. It is not only essential to the health of consumers, but also to the reputation of enterprises.

The second is to prevent microbial and dust contamination. In the process of food production and consumption, there are many opportunities for food contacting with people, various tools and the air, and thus it is easy to be contaminated by microorganisms and dust. If consumers eat seriously contaminated food, it will cause food poisoning. Therefore, it is vital to use necessary packaging (like food packaging boxes) to prevent the secondary contamination of food.

Finally, it's good for transportation and circulation. After reasonable packaging, the transportation conditions can be simplified and the shelf life can be prolonged to avoid food wasting.

Generally speaking, the reason why food items need packaging is to let consumers eat healthy and quality-guaranteed food.

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