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Why do You Need a Good Packaging Design for Your Product?
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Why do You Need a Good Packaging Design for Your Product?

It is said that people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. If products want to be bright and attractive, they need good packaging. Of course, products, corporate culture and so on need to rely on packaging, in order to better promotion and sales. What are the functions of packaging?

Establish a good brand image for enterprises

Attractive packaging design is usually easy to get the favor of customers, promote people to buy and use again and again, and in this repeated behavior process, deepen the customer's impression of the brand. For enterprises, paying attention to product packaging design is the best planning of brand image. Keeping the visual unity of these elements in the packaging is helpful to establish the company image and shape the unique personality of the brand. In general, the application of special color throughout the whole process of corporate image recognition system has obvious effect on cultivating consumers' brand recognition and brand identity.


Stimulate customers' purchasing desire

Whether the package can arouse the customers' desire to buy is the standard to judge whether it is good or bad. The factors that cause consumers' most direct attention and purchase are: distinct color perception, prominent features of product names, trademarks and graphics. Specific and objective pictures can directly show the inherent characteristics of the product on the packaging, and enhance the emotional effect of the product. Modern promotional activities often attract and reward consumers with gifts. Attaching new product samples inside and outside the package is also an effective means to stimulate and motivate consumers.


Provide complete and lucid product description

In general, the description of product packaging design given by manufacturers to consumers is the manufacturer's commitment to the delivery of consumers' interests. In order to make this commitment clear and specific, there must be enough explanatory language. Of course, advertising in packaging design should highlight the information of registered trademarks and trade names as the primary task, and sufficient words should be provided to explain the performance, use, composition, quantity, efficacy, notice, deadline and bar code information of the product. For the promotion activities of commodities, the packaging design should be combined with the rewards and gifts. Sufficient explanation is essential for the commodity packaging, which should be paid special attention to in the packaging design.