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Lihua Color Printed (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was invited to share Lean 6S theme sharing
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Lihua Color Printed (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was invited to share Lean 6S theme sharing

From November 13th to November 15th, 2019, "The Lean Production and 6S Management Training Course for Printing and Packaging Industry", which was strongly created by China Academy of Printing Science and Technology and Keyin Media, was grandly held at Courtyard Shanghai Sentosa. Nearly 80 people attended the training from more than 50 paper packaging companies across the country. Mr. Wu Hongwu, our Deputy General Manager of Operations, was invited to attend this training sharing meeting.

 Lihua packaging company attended the training sharing meeting
[Lean and 6S Training Site]

Vice President Wu at the Lean and 6S paper packaging forum
[Vice President Wu Lean and 6S]

6S management and lean production have been implemented in Chinese enterprises for many years, but in the printing industry, very few companies can really implement 6S and lean production and succeed.

Since the introduction of lean production at the beginning of the year, Lihua Kunshan Factory has achieved great results in terms of management and cost. Lean thinking and culture have been continuously accumulated and precipitated, and have attracted the attention of peers and related research institutions. For this, I invite you Mr. Wu Hongwu, Deputy General Manager of Division of Operations, shared the practical experience of the Lean Group's lean and 6S management. Vice President Wu thoroughly shared the various problems and experiences that Li Hua has encountered since promoting lean production. At the same time, he patiently explained the skills and related knowledge points in the process of lean production and 6S promotion. The participants of the training and the enterprise have been full of harvest, and also expressed their gratitude and help to Lihua Group.

 Vice President Wu's Inter-school Learning Answers
[Vice President Wu's Inter-school Learning Answers]

After the training, Vice President Wu presented commemorative prizes to outstanding students
and took a group photo with all the students.

Vice President Wu presents commemorative prizes to outstanding students
[Vice President Wu presents commemorative prizes to outstanding students]

Vice President Wu took a group photo with all the students
[Vice President Wu took a group photo with all the students]

With the continuous development and rise of Lihua Group, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to Lihua Group, and have begun to learn from Lihua Group. Lihua Group has lived up to expectations and shared business management and reform with its peers and partners. Successful experience help peers improve together.

Lihua led the industry's change and innovation during the rise, set an example for outstanding companies, and at the same time, expanded Lihua Group's influence from another angle and played a promoting role in Lihua Group's brand promotion .