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Lihua Group joins hands with Dingjie Software, the informatization project launch conference was successfully held
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Lihua Group joins hands with Dingjie Software, the informatization project launch conference was successfully held

Lihua Group joins hands with Dingjie Software, the informatization project launch conference was successfully held

In recent years, the Lihua Group has developed rapidly and has continuously reached a new level. In order to adapt to the future development and move towards the trend of informatization, automation, and intelligence, Lihua Group joined hands with Dingjie Software, and the strategic cooperation of the T100 project was officially launched on July 15, 2020.

Enterprise internal management is integrated with ERP system, intelligent logistics system, and BPM/BI system to collect, organize, calculate, and analyze data more efficiently and quickly, fully utilize resources, improve operation efficiency, and ensure the safety of company information.

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Lihua Group was established in Kunshan in 1996. It mainly produces hardcover boxes, color boxes, instruction manuals, cards, labels, nameplates, paper-plastics, paper bags and other packaging products. After years of development, many branches have been established around the world, with customers all over the world.

For a long time, Lihua has been aiming at "continuous improvement and immediate provision of reliable and reliable high-quality printed products to customers". High-quality raw materials, imported printing and related equipment from Japan, Germany, Taiwan, etc., strict quality control procedures, well-trained workforce, the management system that runs through pre-press, printing, and post-press is our product delivery and quality Guarantee.

When the printing industry is booming, Lihua is willing to accompany China's printing industry to gradually improve and gradually expand the production range and work hand in hand with new and old customers. In line with the business philosophy of innovation, science and technology, and environmental protection, we will fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society and develop together with you.

Based on a new starting point, open up a new situation

Information technology has brought new development space for enterprises. Whether it can make full use of information technology has become one of the indicators to measure the competitiveness of enterprises.

The iteration of the ERP system enables the Group to effectively integrate superior resources and optimize the management of the Group when faced with market opportunities, and precipitate unique management concepts and business models to promote continuous improvement and growth of the enterprise.

Li Hua Group's General Manager Sun, Vice President Liu, Lihua Group Project Manager Director Lai, and other related leaders, including Mr. Guan Chunqian, President Li Shaoqi, Project Manager Zhou Hao and other leaders from the Dingjie Software Project Decision Committee attended the meeting.

Work hard and move on

Lihua Group Vice President Liu Zhengqing made a speech.

Lihua Group Vice President Liu Zhengqing

When an enterprise develops to a certain stage, management must become increasingly standardized and standardized, and establish an appropriate information system, so as to win in an era of fierce competition.

The launch of this project is a major measure for the future development of Lihua Group. It is hoped that Lihua will work together to move forward in a coordinated manner and move steadily towards the goal.

At the kick-off meeting, President Guan Chunqian and Mr. Li Shaoqi made separate speeches.

President Guan Chunqian

Mr. Li Shaoqi

They elaborated on the future work plan and core content, introduced the subsequent upgrades and after-sales services, and provided for the successful construction of the entire informatization project. Clear direction.

Make persistent efforts to achieve great results

At the end of the meeting, General Manager Sun of Lihua Group made a concluding speech.

Li Hua Group President Sun

In this fast-changing market, if an enterprise wants to maintain its vigorous vitality and continue to create good results, in addition to strengthening management, optimizing production processes, talent introduction, corporate culture construction, etc., all aspects of joint management, but also technological innovation, the introduction of new technologies, Open up new situations and maintain a healthy, stable and strong development momentum.